It’s the People Inside That Differentiate Your Company from the Rest

We are a management consulting firm specializing in human capital solutions. Our focus and goal is clear — to help our clients improve their organizational performance through people. To achieve this objective, we help our clients through the following services.


Consulting Practice

We help organizations and companies to improve, develop, integrate and implement the following HR systems and programs.

  • HR Strategy and Organization Structure
  • HR System Review (HR Audit)
  • Business Performance Management
  • Compensation & Incentive Plan
  • Executive Compensation & Ownership Plan
  • Competency Modeling
  • Job Evaluation
  • Career Development Modeling
  • Training & Development Plan
  • Change Management
  • Employee Engagement & Organization Culture Study
  • Merger & Acquisition - HR Systems Harmonization Program

Our clients include major companies and organizations in public and private sectors, local and multi-nationals in Indonesia and the South-East Asia region.

Payroll Administration Outsourcing

Our goal is to help every organization effectively and efficiently manage their most valuable assets —their people—from anywhere, at any time, with ease.

Through our subsidiary, Klola Indonesia, we help companies of various industries and sizes in Indonesia to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their payroll administration.

Our services are supported by Public Accounting Firms to ensure accurate calculations and compliance of the payroll processes with government regulations, and a team of Payroll Specialists with extensive qualifications and experience in managing complexities of payroll administration across various companies and industries.

Applying cloud-based HRMS (Human Resources Management System), we provide various payroll administration services to meet company needs as follows:

  • Salary and employee data input
  • PPh21 (Income Tax) calculations
  • Standard payroll report generation
  • Bank transfer instructions
  • BPJS TK (Workers Social Security) reporting
  • BPJS Kesehatan (Healthcare & Social Security) reporting
  • DPLK Pensiun (Retirement Savings Fund) reporting
  • PPh21 (Income Tax) periodic reporting
  • Tax report printing

Please visit for further information about how we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of payroll administation in your company.


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