Who We Are

Our business is people. We help our clients improve their organizational performance through people. We are not doing legal, marketing, IT or financial consulting. We focus only on the people side of the business.

Our team members have extensive experience working for many leading global and local, public and private organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Our advisors come from various industries, bringing with them deep industrial knowledge and unique experience that help us provide effective and workable solutions to our clients.

We are still young as an organization but we have been trusted by a number of leading organizations in Indonesia in improving their HR systems and programs.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is to become a "Leader in providing an innovative, easy, and effective people solutions".

Our mission is "To provide an easy, effective, affordable people solutions".

We always strive to live with the following values: Pursuit for excellence, Integrity and Respect for others.

Our Clients

Most companies call us for assistance because of our long relationships. Our clients include some of the major companies in Indonesia, such as

  • A Fortune 500 company, which experienced a high-turnover in one of its critical functions and called us to analyze and improve the situation. We believe we did it well as they called us again for another assignment.
  • A major cement company, where we helped them improve the compensation system for its top executives.
  • One of the largest resources companies in the world, where we helped them develop the strategy for managing people side of the business (HR Strategy) in one of its business units.

Of course, we expect the list of our clients become longer from time to time, which reflect our success in providing quality services to companies in Indonesia. As a young and growing company, we understand that we have to deliver quality products and services so that we will gain trust from our clients. Given that in mind, rest be assured that you will be receiving quality services when you call us for help.

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